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Senior Apartment Projects

The following Senior Apartment Buildings and Site Plans were designed by Ollie Cherniahivsky

Market Square Senior Campus

Design for a complex of 4 buildings and 250+ apartments in Downtown Reading PA., for Combination of Market Rate and Affordable Senior Community

There is a resemblance between the requirements of Hotels and Senior Housing. The entrance controls, dining, and common spaces are quite similar although the actual dwelling units are larger in the Senior Facilities. The quality of space is similar in that there is a need for creating exciting and pleasing common spaces, to attract residents, and also have a sense of comfort, security, and convenience.

Market Square Apartments

35 unit Senior Apts. for independent living in Reading PA

Designed for Independent Living without supportive services.

The Manor

96 unit senior apmts. for independent living w/supportive services in Reading, PA

Senior Apartments

120 units of Senior Apts. with supportive services in Toms River, NJ. To be developed in conjunction with Office/Shopping Center

Reading 4

54 unit Senior Apts. for Independent Living with Supportive Services in Reading, PA

Allentown Affordable Apartments

Renovation of an existing historic mill building into 82 Apartments and an addition of 16Town Houses forming a complex with off street entrance driveway and interior pedestrian courts

Freeport New York Housing Authority

Proposal for Addition and Renovation to an existing Senior Apartment Building

The Manor at Lexington

120 unit Senior Apts. for Independent Living with Supportive Services near Lexington, VA

Senior Campus

500+ units of Senior Apartments and Town Houses on a waterfront site in South Amboy NJ. Proposed use of solar, wind, and geothermal systems to reduce energy dependence.