architecture & planning


Educational Buildings & Renovations

Ollie Cherniahivsky has been responsible for the design of many renovations and new Educational and Research Facilities. Included is a list and photographs of some of these designs:

Monell Chemical Senses Center

3500 Market Street Philadelphia, PA
Aquatic Research Facility Renovation

5th Floor Office & Laboratory Renovation

1st Floor Entrance, Offices & Meeting Room Renovation

3rd Floor Research Laboratory Renovation

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

School of Veterinary Medicine

Biology Laboratory and Electron Microscopy Facility Renovation in Historic Building for Dr Leon Weiss

School of Dental Medicine

Evans Museum

School of Medicine

Laboratory Renovation for Dr. Stellar.

Endocrinology Laboratory Renovation for Dr Hadad

Relocation of Research Laboratory for Dr Ness

U of P Bookstore

Renovation of Main Store

Eisenlohr Hall Annex Renovation

Renovation of Historic Residential Building ino Offices and Meeting Rooms for Middle East Studies Program.

School of Fine Arts

Sculpture Studio Renovations

Temple University

Philadelphia, PA (as Design Architect)

Master Plan for University expansion Program for 1980

Comprehensive Urban Design and Building Design Studies based on physical needs for a projected 10 year growth of a Major Public University.

Humanities Building

High Rise Office Tower with Lower Level Classrooms, Language Labs, and Lecture Halls.

Bucks County Community College

Newtown Square, Bucks County, PA (as Coordinating Designer)

Master Plan for New Campus on Existing Country Estate

Comprising all the Community College Building functions such as Library, Gym, Dining and Student Lounges, Administration and Academic Classrooms, Labs, and Lecture Halls for initial stage of 3,000 students and planned increase to 12,000

Academic Building

Design of The Initial Academic Building consisting of Class Rooms, Lecture Halls, Science Laboratories, and Faculty Offices. Setting Visual Image for the other Buildings in the first phase of construction.

Academic Building

Edison High School

Philadelphia PA (as Associate in Charge of Design)

Design of Urban High School for 2,800 students grade 9 through 12. Designs for various sites and initiated the ‘Main Street’ or ‘Shopping Mall’ Concept of organizing of school activities.

Afro American Historical and Cultural Museum

Seventh and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA

The museum was designed for a different site, and after much political wrangling was located a block from Independence Mall. The central open ramp in the building connects the galleries at each end, and serves as a three story gallery.