architecture & planning



Ollie Cherniahivsky has been involved in planning and urban design projects in Philadelphia, and in Eastern Europe. Included is a list and graphics of some of these studies and projects:

Bucks County Community Collage

Design development for a new Community Collage using the existing building as a starting point and providing an educational pedestrian road for first stage of construction and to allow for future growth and expansion. (designed for Nolen &Swinburne)

Temple University Master Plan

Planning for expansion of a major urban University. Parking, subway stops, facility expansion based on projected student growth, vehicular and student pedestrian circulation, and dormitory expansion, were major factors to be considered in the design process. (designed for Nolen & Swinburne)

Kings Village Urban Renewal

Shown are sketches of various changes in the fabric of this impoverished area of the City. The overhead railroad track was to be turned from a blight into an asset, and be developed as an continuous art and commercial corridor. (as Associate with TV Cam)

Parkesburg Historic Renewal

The renewal of this small Lancaster County, Pennsylvania town was based on renovation of its historic district, and the revitalization of its old commercial center by providing additional off street parking as well as taking advantage to the nearby railroad station. (in collaboration with Karen Glotfelty and Mary F. Davis)

Elevated Pedestrian Connector

This proposal was to take advantage of abandoned Reading Railroad elevated tracks and creating an active pedestrian walkway with jitneys, commercial development, new apartments, and office development along an active pedestrian spine. The intent was to encourage development of that part of Philadelphia by connecting it directly to the Reading Terminal and through (at that time just proposed Convention Center)

Housing Development in Germany

This development consisted of prefabricated panel from the US. Shipped and assembled on site in eastern Germany. The sketch shows a typical site plan developed for the prefabricated houses.

World Bank Kharkiv Proposal

As consultant to the World Bank, Ollie Cherniahivsky worked with City officials, private developers, and architects, to select sites which would be selected for housing loans from the World Bank to revitalize this Ukrainian city’s economy, and living standards.

Underbridge Parking

This proposal for a major parking garage under the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, was intended to reduce the traffic congestion in the city by providing parking at one of the major points of entry to the City, and take advantage of unused unpleasant existing space. Commercial developments at street level were also proposed.