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Hotel Projects

oca has extensive experience in the design of Medical Offices, Educational

Facilities, Multi-Family Housing, Hotels, and Senior Housing. This brochure

Describes the Hotel and Senior Housing Projects.

Hampton Inn at La Guardia Airport

220 unit limited service hotel in Queens, NY

The site use required approvals from the New York City Planning Commission, involving Board Meetings and Community Meetings, prior to final acceptance of this site massing and design.

The Lobby, Lounge, and Breakfast Rooms are open and airy, and meet the new Hampton Inn Standards.

The building was designed with a connector to the existing garage and the open and inviting canopy entrance is located next to a historic rock formation.

Hampton Inn at JFK Airport

216 unit limited service hotel in Queens, NY

The 13 floor hotel was completed in 2001. The structure is of precast concrete panels, and the façade prefabricated wall panels are finished with Corian and Glazed Ceramic Tiles.

Interior Reception desk and Typical King Room at the JFK Hampton Inn

The heating and cooling system is a concealed vertical unit providing a more desirable appearance then a visible through wall unit.

Rendering of Hampton Inn Hotel at JFK from entrance side shows the wall pattern, that was designed combining the windows, mechanical grills, and exterior tiles, to form a decorative mosaic like facade-wall.

Another view of the completed Hampton Inn at JFK Airport, in Queen showing the precast end panels and the decorative window/façade walls.

The following Residence Inn Hotels were designed to comply with the Zoning and Building Code requirements of each of the Townships in three different states.

The sites were quite different in each case and the site plan designs accommodated the site restrictions to achieve the maximum number of units possible on each site.

In all four hotels we designed the ‘Gatehouse’ as our prototype design, to satisfy the site and code requirements at each of the Residence Inn projects.

Hunt Valley Marriott Residence

112 unit extended stay suites hotel in Baltimore County, MD.

Hunt Valley Residence Inn was the most challenging of the sites because of the slopes of the land. Consequently it also created the most interesting design conditions. Most of the Residence Inn photographs are of the Hunt Valley Hotel.

Tinton Falls Marriott Residence Inn

96 unit extended stay suites hotel in Tinton Falls, NJ

Harrisburg Marriott Residents Inn

112 unit extended stay suites hotel in Swatara Township, PA

Cherry Hill Marriott Residence Inn

96 unit extended stay suites hotel in Cherry Hill New Jersey

Each of the hotels had a outdoor pool and the ’Gatehouse’ had common room and a small kitchen to prepare and serve a complementary breakfast.

Horsham Suites Hotel

112 unit (new prototype design) suites hotel in Horsham, PA

This design was a prototype for a new Hotel Chain. It was similar in concept to the Marriott Extended Stay type but was going to offer more open space and a more extensive common facility.

Independence Mall Hotel

120 unit hotel overlooking Independence Mall. Part of multi use design for the Bourse Building in Philadelphia, PA.. The building was to be separated vertically into a Hotel, looking towards Independence Mall, and an Office Section in the remainder of the upper part of the Building. The Lower 2 floors were to be Commercial with emphasis on restaurant uses.

Sketch of hotel project for a dense urban location. Initial design created to attract attention with multi-colored glass façade, which could also be backlit at night.