architecture & planning


Ollie Cherniahivsky Architect

Architect and Planner with over 40 years of management experience in the design and construction of a variety of building types. Registered to practice Architecture in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. Member of the American Institute of Architects.

Consultant in Eastern Europe at National and Municipal levels on issues of Housing, Energy Conservation, and Development to ‘Natural Resource Defense Council’, ‘USAID’, and ‘The World Bank’.

Partner in Real Estate Development projects. Initiated and collaborated in the development of ‘Affordable Housing’, ‘Market Rate Housing’, ‘Senior Communities’ and ‘Commercial Developments’

Professional Experience

Architecture and Planning:

  1. Developed building programs, designed, and observed construction of: Hotel, Housing, Medical, Educational, and Commercial buildings.
  2. Managed projects in which the divergent business goals of the participants needed to be redirected into a cooperative working relationship.
  3. Generated building concepts, gave them visual form, and proceeded to develop drawings and specifications to convert the vision into a physical reality.
  4. Designed master plan and buildings for an Urban University in collaboration with Administrators, Teachers, and Program Developers.
  5. Conceived and promoted city revitalization projects. Taking advantage of unused or abandoned areas and proposing uses to rejuvenate and humanize an urban area.
  6. Designed master plans and buildings for ‘Senior Housing Communities’ in urban and suburban areas.
  7. Experience with European ‘DIN’ code requirements and standards, by designing panelized buildings to be constructed in Germany.
  8. Interim Chief Architect for the New Haven Housing Authority

International Consulting:

  1. Facilitated design and promoted passive energy efficient housing in Belarus, Ukraine, and Czech Republic, based on work in Minsk where a 70% reduction of energy use was achieved.
  2. Analized the housing development potential in the City of Kharkiv (1.8 million) in Ukraine and developed a loan program and implementation methods for $30,000,000 loan investment by the World Bank.
  3. Was able to quickly and successfully initiate and develop working relationships with, government officials, architects, private developers, in a City of 1.8 million, and to created ongoing working relationships between these groups which did not previously exist.
  4. Have proven ability of working with people and organizations that have divergent interests and to be able to find common interests and personalities to produce a collaborative effort and a final product.
  5. Established relationships with, government officials, architects, entrepreneurs, and NGO’s in Moscow, Minsk, Kharkiv, Prague, and Kiev.

Real Estate Development

  1. Conceived development projects, formed partnerships, raised equity, procured construction mortgages, authorized construction payments and have sold renovated buildings.
  2. Initiated joint ventures between ‘For Profit’ and ‘Non Profit’ developers for the purpose of building ‘Affordable Housing’.
  3. Prepared financial documentation to convince banks of the viability of projects and obtained construction and permanent mortgages.
  4. Developed design and financial proposals to rejuvenate abandoned or underused building and land, and promoted the development of these projects.
  5. Colaborated in the design and financial analysis of a project in Germany, using wood prefabricated panels from the United States.

Selected Projects and Clients

Architecture and Planning

  1. Renovations of offices and laboratories for the University of Pennsylvania.
  2. Residence Inn Hotels for Amerimar Realty with projects in PA., NJ., and MD.
  3. Renovation of office and laboratories for Monell Chemical Senses Center.
  4. Affordable housing projects for Better Homes Incorporated of Bristol PA.
  5. Senior’s Apartment building for Housing Development Corp. of Lancaster PA.
  6. New bank building for The Ukrainian Savings and Loan Assoc. Philadelphia, PA
  7. Renovation projects for City of Philadelphia, City Hall, and Dept. of Recreation.
  8. Hampton Inn Hotels for Field Hotel Assoc. at JFK and La Guardia in Queens, NY.
  9. Ford Motor Co. dining facility in Quakertown, PA
  10. 10-Affordable Housing Proposals with Pindar Housing Development Corp. Trenton, NJ.
  11. Senior Housing Projects for Newcovenant Development, in Reading PA.
  12. Office and Apartment renovations for Friends Rehab Corp. Philadelphia, PA.
  13. Master Plan for Temple University. (as project architect with Nolen & Swinburn)
  14. Afro American and Cultural Museum in Philadelphia (as associate with T.V.Cam)
  15. Senior’s Apartments Building and Master Plan for McDougal Burky in Reading, PA.

International Consulting

  1. Housing Loan Program representative and analyst for USAID and World Bank in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  2. Trained Belarus National Architects and developed energy efficient prototype housing for Chernobyl refugees for Natural Resource Defense Council.
  3. New housing development in Germany using prefabricated panels from USA.
  4. Real Estate Development
  5. Historic renovation of 1022 and 1024 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA
  6. Warnock Affordable Housing Development, Philadelphia, PA
  7. Proposal for renovation of historic Drexel Building in Philadelphia, PA.
  8. Underbridge Commercial Space and Parking in Philadelphia, PA.
  9. Affordable Housing Development in Reading, PA.
  10. Senior’s Housing proposals in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Education and Languages

Central High School – Philadelphia, PA
BA Architecture-University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA.
Languages in order of proficiency – English, Ukrainian, Russian, German