architecture & planning


Ollie Cherniahivsky & Associates
Architects & Planners

We are dedicated to good design within the allowable budget constraints. We believe that good design is affordable.

Our goals in the design of buildings and spaces are based on the following:

  • Responding to the needs of the client and program requirements.  
  • Creating human scale and comfortable spaces in which to live or
  • Fitting appropriately into both natural and man made surroundings.
  • Creatively using available materials, and construction systems.
  • Conserving energy in selection of materials and operation of the building.
  • Understanding and responding to the climatic conditions and building orientation.

To achieve these goals the buildings need to be constructed, and
our many years of experience in a variety of building types, has allowed us to develop a good understanding of the construction process. The experience on construction sites, has helped in developing a rapport with Contractors, and creates a team effort during construction.